Request a Review (CLOSED)

If you’d like for me to review your book, I can do so free of cost. I also accept PayPal donations.


I write up reviews that are critical and honest. They are rated on a 5 point scale and then into a lengthy review. Examples of my reviews can be found here.

I especially focus on the following:

  • Books by authors of color
  • Books by queer authors (especially if they’re queer authors of color)
  • Books by Latinx authors
  • Middle Grade Fiction
    • SFF
    • Contemporary
    • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
    • SFF
    • Contemporary
    • Historical Fiction
    • Romance
  • Poetry
  • Contemporary Adult Romance

I will make exceptions for other book genres if they are by queer authors/authors of color.

I won’t accept book review requests if there are any of the following topics/themes:

  • Sexual assault
  • Any kind of abuse toward queer characters and/or characters of color, but especially physical abuse
  • Death of a queer character and/or character of color

You may contact me via email @ with the subject “Book Review Request.” I reserve the right to deny your request.

Disclaimer: I am closed for book review requests at the moment as my review schedule is full. I do these for free and they take time.