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What is #ReadLatinx?

#ReadLatinx is a Twitter hashtag I started using in June 2018 as a way to promote books written and/or illustrated by Latinx. It’s used to uplift voices that don’t get much needed promotion from publishers. I promote upcoming releases with posts on social media and masterposts detailing which books come out between a certain period of time (check out the Summer and Fall 2018 lists).

Can other people use this hashtag?

Sure! Use it to promote books by Latinx authors/illustrators. I would prefer it if you didn’t use it to promote books that haven’t been written/illustrated by Latinx but have Latinx rep. If you’re going to talk about the hashtag, please credit me. I do all this work for free, but it takes me a long time to compile lists and write up articles and posts and I am unemployed at the moment.

Can you promote my book?

I’ll promote a book if you identify as a Latinx, whether in the U.S., in Latin America, or elsewhere. I won’t promote it under the hashtag if the book just has some sort of representation.

I encourage Latinx authors to reach out to me with their soon to be published work, the date it will be released, and if there’s a link to add on Goodreads. You can do that on Twitter @boricuareads, by sending me a DM, or via email @ ammartinez1995@gmail.com with the subject “#ReadLatinx” and the information about your book in the body of the email.

Anything else?

Since I don’t receive any monetary compensation for this work, I’ve started creating merch of sorts on Redbubble. The design at the top of this page is available as a sticker, tote bag, tshirt, etc. Here are some other designs available:

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