Latinx Fall Reads 2019 (or, #ReadandLatinx6)

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Zip up your hoodies, put away the flip flops (for the love of God don’t even think of even wearing them with socks on) if you live somewhere cold, because the summer’s over and that means it’s now AUTUMN. Fall. Otoño.

School’s coming back into session if you do semesters, and perhaps you’ll have less time to read, but that doesn’t mean books go to sleep while you’re elsewhere. In fact, they come out stronger, tempting you to look away from your work so you can relish their words and escape into their world for a while. 

Last year, I had 40+ books to list out and I thought that was a lot. This time around, with more resources and knowledge, I was able to compile a list of ~90 books written or illustrated by Latinx. And they’re arriving just in time for Latinx Heritage Month (09/15-10/15) as well! 

If you’re interested in reading the past #ReadLatinx posts, scroll to the end for a list of them. I dub this list #ReadandLatinx6.

This list is comprised of books written and/or illustrated by Latinx that are being released between September 1st and November 28th. As always, it will be divided by age category (Picture Books, MG, YA, or Adult) as well as genre (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Anthology) and subgenres in certain cases (Literary, Contemporary, Fantasy, etc.). Each of the books listed will have the title, the name of the author/illustrator, its release date, and a short description written by yours truly. Compare to other lists, the descriptions for books written from Early Middle Grade onward (with the exception of non-fiction and poetry) on this list will be sort-of in the style of AO3 tags, as an experiment (a huge thank you to Gabi @gabi_morataya on twitter for suggesting the change; they really allowed me to have fun with these lists rather than spelling out the specifics of it). Each category is sorted by release date. Books marked by an asterisk (*) are ones I don’t know their official release date or don’t have enough information about.

Disclaimer: This compilation is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive; it only contains titles I’ve been able to find through extensive research. If you know of a book I didn’t list, or have a correction to make, don’t hesitate to let me know! I also add books at my own discretion, as I have no intention of boosting sexual harassers, racists, homophobes or transphobes, but if you noticed I slipped and added a book by someone who’s been accused of harassment of any kind, let me know so I can take them out of the list. This list is in no way an endorsement of the contents of each book, as I don’t have the knowledge of what is in each and every book. 

Picture Books

Animal Books


Board Books


  • Ping by Ani Castillo (09/03/2019)
  • Sam! by Dani Gabriel, illustrated by Robert Liu-Trujillo (09/10/2019)
  • The Pear Tree by Luli Gray, illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight (10/08/2019)
  • The Reader by Luciana de Luca, illustrated by Cynthia Alonso (10/22/2019)
  • I See by Joe Cepeda (11/12/2019)


Early Reader/Middle Grade

Early Reader

  • Rafi and Rosi Music! by Lulu Delacre (09/17/2019) – Sibling dynamics; Puerto Rican traditions; easy to read
  • Saraí y la Feria Alrededor del Mundo (Sarai and the Around the World Fair) by Sarai Gonzalez & Monica Brown (09/17/2019) – part 4 of the Saraí series; Spanish translation; learning about other cultures through food



  • The Fire Keeper by J.C. Cervantes (09/03/2019) – Maya mythology; complicated family due to one of them being a god; feelings are weird; disabled Mexican-American MC
  • The Gumazing Gum Girl! #4: Cover Blown by Rhode Montijo (10/01/2019) – girl superheroes; luchadores; the power was within her all along
  • b.b. free #1 by Gabby Rivera (11/06/2019) – first comic book issue; queer kids of color kicking ass; ready to be destroyed by Gabby Rivera


  • Dreams from Many Rivers by Margarita Engle (09/08/2019) – Latinx through history; written in verse; Margarita Engle please adopt me

Young Adult


  • Keep Faith edited by Gabriela Martins with contributions from Gabriela Martins, C.T. Callahan, Julia Rios, Mayara Barros, Sofia Soter (09/01/2019) – short stories with queer characters and faith; *george michael’s Faith plays in background*; self-published
  • His Hideous Heart edited by Dahlia Adler with a contribution from Hillary Monahan (09/10/2019) – Edgar Allan Poe retellings; could give you nightmares; potential mindfuckery
  • It’s a Whole Spiel edited by Katherine Locke with a contribution from Adi Alsaid (09/17/2019) – Jewish MCs; quality authors; potential to crush your feelings
  • The (Other) F Word: A Celebration of the Fat and Fierce edited by Angie Manfredi with contributions from Lily Anderson, David Bowles, Ady Del Valle, Miguel M. Morales, Isabel Quintero, Virgie Tovar (09/24/2019) – YA crossover; mix of non-fiction and fiction; body positivity times a thousand
  • Color Outside the Lines edited by Sangu Mandanna with contributions from Anna-Marie McLemore, Adam Silvera, and Michelle Ruiz Keil (11/12/2019) – complex stories; interracial couples; queer characters; the cute might give you cavities


  • Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika and Maritza Moulite (09/03/2019) – Haitian MC; family secrets; prank gone wrong; cute interns
  • The Truth Is by NoNieqa Ramos (09/03/2019) – hurt and comfort; complicated Puerto Rican families; trans LI; what is gender
  • Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Pérez (09/10/2019) – paperback release; new cover; Romeo and Juliet in Jim Crow south with Black and Latinx teens
  • Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera (09/17/2019) – rerelease and re-edited; fat, lesbian and Puerto Rican MC; big fuck you to white feminism
  • By Any Means Necessary by Candice Montgomery (10/08/2019) – college student MC; queer black boys in love; family is complicated; BEES?!
  • The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey (10/08/2019) – bookish MC; LI is a pilot; mom is a hoarder; books as escapism
  • Heaven Isn’t Me by Darlene P. Campos (10/22/2019) – indie publisher (more information to come)

Historical Fiction

  • Becoming Beatriz by Tami Charles (09/17/2019) – 1980’s; dancer MC; afro-latina MC; can one major in gang management?; grief; major death in the first few pages
  • The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring (09/24/2019) – i heard you liked psychological thrillers so Sara set it in an Argentinian boarding school during La Guerra Sucia; ghosts? gore? supernatural shit?



  • Mirror Bound (The Witchling Academy #2) by Monica Sanz (09/03/2019) – witches; magic; seventh child prophecies; ghosts and souls and possessions???
  • Rated by Melissa Grey (09/03/2019) – band of misfits; you know that episode of Black Mirror with Bryce Dallas Howard? well, make it YA and in a school; technodystopia

Adult Fiction


  • ¡Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas! edited by Angel Luis Colón (10/28/2019) – all Latinx contributors; proceeds go to hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico
  • Rosalind’s Sisters edited by Bogi Takács with a contribution from Lisa M. Bradley (TBD)* – specfic about scientists; gays in space (probably) 

Literary Fiction

  • Cantoras by Carolina de Robertis (09/03/2019) – queer women; survival; sanctuary island; we need to talk about the politics of surviving as a queer Latina in a fascist nation and how that resonates today
  • Dominicana by Angie Cruz (09/03/2019) – undearage marriage of convenience; her husband’s brother is better; set in Washington Heights of the 1980’s
  • Malcriada & Other Stories by Lorraine Avila (09/13/2019) – stories about characters from Dominican Republic; diasporic feelings; immigration and identity
  • Forgotten Journey by Silvina Ocampo (09/22/2019) – short story collection; English translation; some selected stories that hadn’t been translated before 
  • The Promise by Silvina Ocampo (09/22/2019) – woman adrift at sea; parts are real parts are imagination it’s up to you to find out; English translation
  • River of Love by Aimée Medina Carr (09/24/2019) – indigenous Mexican American MC; identity: it’s hard!; the setting is also a character
  • The Book of Lost Saints by Daniel José Older (11/05/2019) – multigenerational; family spirits coming to haunt the MC; maybe the real family was the trauma we inherited along the way
  • The Death of Baseball by Orlando Ortega-Medina (11/19/2019) – good luck trying to figure out what this is about from the synopsis; reincarnation??


  • Goalie Interference (Hat Trick series #2) by Piper Vaughn and Avon Gale (09/20/2019) – hockey romance; goalie v goalie; a little competition can be healthy, right?; rivals to lovers; *chef’s kiss*
  • American Love Story by Adriana Herrera (10/07/2019) – lovers to rivals to lovers (to rivals???); angst; social justice!!!; Patrice!!!; ugh academia
  • Lush Money by Angelina M. Lopez (10/14/2019) – latina billionaire; forsaken prince; marriage of convenience; they’re both really hot
  • Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher (11/12/2019) – How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days AU; she’s a type-a ambitious event planner; he’s a journalist ready for the next great thing; potential angst; kissing??? yeah
  • The Cost of Honor (Black Ops Confidential #3) by Diana Muñoz Stewart (11/26/2019) – romantic suspense; thriller vibes; living in tropical island in secret; rivals to lovers


  • Future Tense Fiction: Stories of Tomorrow with contributions from Mark Oshiro and Carmen Maria Machado (09/02/2019) – science fiction; short stories for everyone; robots; questionable ethics
  • Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes (09/17/2019) – LATINX IN SPACE; psychic space cats; SISTERS!!!!
  • A Perfect Time by Lina Langley (09/30/2019) – time travel; assassins; *play MURDER TRAIN from HIMYM*
  • Trinity Sight by Jennifer Givhan (10/01/2019) – post-apocalyptic New Mexico; ancient myths come to life; science vs. faith colliding
  • Jakarta by Rodrigo Márquez Tizano (11/05/2019) – dystopian; a plague upon your house; novella; English translation
  • …and Other Disasters by Malka Older (11/16/2019) – short story collection (with poetry); AIs and midwives and anthropologists, oh my!


  • The Last Breath by Danny Lopez (10/15/2019) – paperback release; reporter investigating murder of wealthy young man; troublesome love interest







Thus concludes this list! 

If you enjoyed this list or think it’s a good resource as I believe it is, please think about sharing and maybe donating some money. I don’t get compensated for any of this, this is just what I do in my free time because I love boosting Latinx voices, but it takes a lot of time and effort to compile these lists. My paypal is and my Ko-Fi is 

Thank you for reading!! Follow the blog if you’d like to see more posts like this. Make sure you spread the word, share the list with friends, pre-order and buy these books! Are there books here that you hadn’t heard of? Books here that you’ve already pre-ordered? Books that you hadn’t heard of and now are interested in? Are there books you think I might have missed? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me on social media (@boricuareads on IG, Twitter, and Tumblr), and I’ll add it! 

You can also get a #ReadLatinx sticker on my shop!

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