Upcoming Fall Book Releases By Latinx Authors


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Summer has gone so fast, right? Blistering sunny days where you can’t feel the AC, sprawling beach days, rain that seemed to evaporate as soon as it touched you… I had a blast this summer! I read a lot, went to Costa Rica, did some adulting…

Alas, summer is drawing to a close, which, since where I’m from it’s always summer, just means schools are open once more. And though summer reading is over, this fall is full of amazing books you’ll probably be sneaking into school (or work). Seeing the popularity of my Latinx Summer Reads post, it made sense to compile a list of Latinx Fall Reads for 2018.

Enjoy these with your pumpkin spice lattes, the impending meals of pavo, pernil, and arroz con gandules that will be arriving for Thanksgiving. Pull up your Goodreads account, prepare your wallet for pre-orders, and ready your chismosx mouth to spread the word.

This list is consists of 30+ books written and/or illustrated by Latinx. It’s divided by age categories (Children’s Picture Books, Middle Grades or MGs, Young Adult or YA, and Adult), genres (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Anthologies), as well as subgenres (Contemporary, SFF, Mystery/Thrillers, Romance, etc). Each book listed has the title, author, release date, and a short description of the book. The list covers books being released between September 1st and Thanksgiving (November 22nd) 2018.

Disclaimer: This is by no means comprehensive, just what I’ve compiled the past few months. If you have a book written or illustrated by a Latinx that I didn’t mention, please let me know so I can add it.

Children’s Picture Books


  • Dreamers by Yuyi Morales (09/04/2018): Describes the author’s journey across the U.S.-Mexico border with her son. “Dreamers is a celebration of what migrantes bring with them when they leave their homes. It’s a story about family.”
  • Turning Pages: My Life Story by Sonia Sotomayor; Illustrated by Lulu Delacre (09/04/2018): In this story, the U.S. Supreme Court Justice tells young readers about how she identified with books in the highest and lowest points of her life.
  • Imagine by Juan Felipe Herrera (Lyrical) (10/02/2018): U.S. Poet Laureate details in verse his life as a little boy and his steps as he grew up to find wonder in words.


  • A Dog Named Haku by Margarita Engle with Amish Karanjit and Nicole Karanjit; illustrated by Ruth Jeyaveeran (09/01/2018): Taking place in Kathmandu, this Nepali story is about two boys searching for a dog to feed during a Hindu holiday.
  • Hey Wall: A Story of Art and Community by Susan Verde; Illustrated by John Parra (09/04/2018): A story written in verse, it delves into the life of Angel as he decides to change a bleak wall of his community and how the people around him come together to help create art.
  • Lights, Camera, Carmen! by Anika Denise; Illustrated by Lorena Alvarez Gomez (09/11/2018): A bilingual tale of a talented young girl named Carmen who wishes to get the starring role in a commercial. Watch as she wishes to become a superstar with the help of her family.
  • Galapagos Girl by Marsha Diane Arnold; illustrated by Angela Dominguez (09/18/2018): Inspired by the life of Valentina Cruz, whose family was one of the first permanent settlers on the Galapagos, follow as she observes and admires the nature surrounding her home.
  • Lucia the Luchadora and the Million Masks by Cynthia Leonor Garza; Illustrated by Alyssa Bermudez (10/09/2018): A sequel to Lucia the Luchadora, this story focuses on Lucia and her little sister, Gemma, as they embark on a journey to find a luchadora mask for Gemma. In the process, Lucia loses her special silver mask! Will she be able to find it with the help of Gemma?
  • Thread of Love by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal; illustrated by Zara Gonzalez Hoang: Depicting three siblings during the Indian festival ofRaksha Bandhan, this story of family and love is paired with a reimagining of the classic children’s tune Frère Jacques.


  • We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands

    written and illustrated by Rafael Lopez (10/09/2018): Written in rhythmic verse, this book celebrates unity and diversity among children and their relationships. Its illustrations are colorful and unique, just as each person is.


  • Just in Case: A Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet Book by Yuyi Morales (09/11/2018): Señor Calavera uses the alphabet and Spanish vocabulary words to get Grandma Beetle a gift for every letter in the alphabet. Great for learning about friendships and Spanish words.
  • The Amazing Watercolor Fish

    by Carolyn Dee Flores (10/31/2018): A lonely pet fish imagines a world beyond her fish bowl.

Historical Fiction:

Middle Grade:


  • The Hidden City (Garza Twins #3) by David Bowles [09/15/2018 (pub date pushed by publisher)]: The third in a sprawling middle-grade fantasy series, The Hidden City follows the adventures of twins Carol and Johnny in their search for the Ollamat in a rain god’s paradise. Except maybe they have a new foe? And it may be family??
  • The Storm Runner by Jennifer (J.C.) Cervantes (09/18/2018): When Zane travels to a volcano, he doesn’t realize he’s waking up ancient Mayan powers. With the help of some friends, Zane needs to save the world and his dog as he goes along. (This is the first in a duology)
  • Lowriders: Blast From the Past

    by Cathy Camper and illustrated by Raul Gonzalez III (10/02/2018): In this graphic novel, three friends who are being bullied just want to enter a car show of lowriders. In order to do so, they must be brave and stand up for what they believe in.

  • Charlie Hernández and the League of Shadows by Ryan Calejo (10/23/2018): Charlie Hernandez has been brought up with many tales of mythological beings. But when these beings start invading his life, he doesn’t even know what to believe. He has to come to terms with it if he wants to save his family, and perhaps even the world.

Historical Fiction:

  • Dacytl Hill Squad by Daniel Jose Older (09/11/2018): Dinosaurs! The American Civil War! Orphans of color who can control dinosaurs with their minds! Kids dealing with the traumas of war, slavery, and systems of oppression, as a community! Did I mention dinosaurs?
  • The Wind Called My Name by Mary Louise Sanchez (09/18/2018): Margarita Sandoval’s is upturned when her family is forced to move from New Mexico to Wyoming, where her father has found work building railroads, due to the Great Depression.


  • Tight by Torrey Maldonado (09/04/2018): Bryan has to choose between a life of breaking rules with his friend Mike, staying tough for his dad’s sake, and… being himself.
  • They Call Me Güero: A Border Kid’s Poem by David Bowles (09/04/2018): Güero is a twelve-year old trying to grasp his identity as a Mexican-American boy through the power of poetry.
  • Merci Suarez Changes Gears by Meg Medina (09/11/2018): Merci’s life as a sixth grader is changing, and she doesn’t know what to do with that. Bike along with her as she tries to find her place in her private school and her family.
  • Sarai and the Meaning of Awesome by Sarai Gonzalez, Monica Brown (09/11/2018): Based on the real story of Sarai Gonzalez, follow along as this young girl turns her cupcake business into the way to save her grandparents’ house.
  • Ana Maria Reyes Does Not Live In a Castle by Hilda Eunice Burgos (10/02/2018): Ana Maria must practice her piano so she can get into an elite New York school with a scholarship. That is, if a sudden trip to Dominican Republic, her annoying sisters, loving parents, interrupting neighbors, and a new baby allow for this to happen…

Young Adult:


  • Seventh Born (The Witchling Academy #1) by Monica Sanz (09/04/2018): As the seventhborn daughter of a witch, Seraphina lives a cursed life. When a young, handsome professor proposes she become his assistant, she has no idea the whirlwind she’s getting into.
  • The Rising Gold (Beyond the Red #3) by Gabe (Ava Jae) (10/02/2018): The third installation in the Beyond the Red series. Follow as two young monarchs fight to stay in power and attempt to fix the world of Safara.
  • Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria (10/09/2018): Cassa has to come to terms with the legacy of rebellion her parents have left her. With some trusty friends, she will attempt to overthrow the elders in charge of their city and their prophecies, before a final prophecy destroys them all.
  • Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore (10/09/2018): In this Magical Realism retelling of Snow White and Rose Red meeting Swan Lake, two sisters are cursed: one will become a swan, another will continue living a full life. At once a tale of the complicated mess that is family, and a tale of who do we become in order to protect those we love.


  • The Crossroads by Alexandra Diaz (09/04/2018): The sequel to The Only Road, follow as Jaime Rivera has to come to terms with his familial separation. Tensions escalate back home in Guatemala and Jaime is feeling increasingly helpless, especially as his status as an undocumented immigrant makes his life difficult to cope with.
  • American Road Trip by Patrick Flores-Scott (09/18/2018): The summer before Teodoro’s senior year throws a whole wrench into his perfect life when his brother Manny returns from Iraq with severe PTSD. In an effort to pull the family together, T’s sister unravels a plan in the form of a road trip.
  • Analee, In Real Life by Janelle Milanes (09/18/2018): Analee is pretty much a wallflower when not roleplaying as a brave elf hunter. When a high school boy asks her to pose as his girlfriend, she takes it as a challenge to come out of her shell and gain some experience so she can maybe romance Xoldar, or, a boy named Harris.
  • What If It’s Us? by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli (09/18/2018): Two boys meet by coincidence at a post office: one searching for love, the other trying to get over a breakup. Could it just be coincidence, or maybe fate?
  • Iron River by Daniel Acosta (release of Kindle edition 09/18/2018): A boy in the margins has to deal with a cop who’s trying to pin a murder on him and his friends.
  • The Resolutions by Mia Garcia (11/13/2018): Four friends are getting ready to graduate high school, but just before they splinter off their separate ways, they devise New Year’s resolutions for each other. Will they be adventurous? Or will they break them even farther apart?

Historical Fiction:

  • All the Stars Denied by Guadalupe Garcia McCall (09/15/2018): Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, a girl and her family living in Texas must fight for the right to keep their farmland and against the efforts of the white citizens wanting to deport them to Mexico. This is a companion to her acclaimed novel, Shame the Stars.

Adult Fiction:

Mystery/Historical Fiction:

  • The Best Bad Things by Katrina Carrasco (Mystery) (11/06/2018): A twisting tale of Alma Rosales as she goes undercover into a dangerous crime ring in search of stolen opium. Alma’s covers could be fooling everyone for a while, but it won’t last forever.

Contemporary Romance:

  • Night and Day by Andie J. Christopher (09/18/2018): The newest installment in the One Night in South Beach series finds Max Delgado and Letty Gonzalez pushing and pulling against the current of their attraction. But as they find themselves stuck in Key West together for a weekend, they must think about how long could they fight the growing attraction between them.

Science Fiction:

  • State Tectonics (The Centenal Cycle #3) by Malka Older (09/11/2018): In the conclusion of Older’s trilogy, the twists of this political science fiction thriller, testing the vulnerabilities of democracy  and Information’s power structure.



  • Citizen Illegal by José Olivarez (09/04/2018): Olivarez’s debut collection delves into the life of a Mexican American in Chicago, while tackling different themes like gender, class, race, ethnicity, and immigration.
  • Refuse by Julian Randall (09/18/2018): In Randall’s debut, we see a young Afro-Latinx struggle with clashing identities, absence, and grief, and invoke powerful mythical creatures as a form of healing.
  • welcome to ghost town by Gretchen Gómez (10/23/2018): Gomez’s sophomore outing gives us a look into the ghosts that haunt us: love lost, love gained, trauma… While still giving us a space to heal and banish them by speaking their names. A promising follow-up to her debut love, and you.
  • Revelations by Ruben Quesada (11/15/2018): The newest in renowned Latino poet Quesada’s poetry, this chapbook promises original content as well as translations of several poems initially written in Spanish.
  • Tesoro by Yesika Salgado (11/2018): Salgado became a viral sensation with her debut Corazón. Still shrouded in secrecy, the publication date for this collection is forthcoming, as is a description of what is to come.



  • Path to the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist by Sylvia Acevedo (09/04/2018): This memoir details Acevedo’s career as she became one the first Latinas to get a Masters in Engineering from Stanford and later getting a job at NASA. She now works as the CEO of the Girl Scouts of America.
  • Someone Like Me: How One Undocumented Girl Fought for Her American Dream

    (09/18/2018): A tale of a girl brought to the USA as an undocumented immigrant and how she worked her way up to become the VP of Goldman Sachs.

  • A Dream Called Home by Reyna Grande (10/02/2018): Grande made her name by writing about the pain she experienced growing up as a poor Mexican immigrant in The Distance Between Us. In this new memoir, Grande delves into what it means to grow up not knowing where your home is and the expectations put upon you as a first-generation college student.

PHEW! THAT was a long list! I hope you enjoyed this list of books. As a part of my #ReadLatinx campaign, it’s important to celebrate the upcoming books being written by Latinx. If you’re interested in supporting me, please make sure you follow me here for more posts like this, rec lists, reviews, edits, and more! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

My Amazon Wishlists with some of these books on it so I can continue supporting these wonderful creators. I do this for free but if you so wish you can also donate to my PayPal.

Edit 8/18/2018: Added Lowriders & We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands.

Edit 8/21/2018: Added Someone Like Me, State TectonicsGalapagos Girl, Iron River, The Amazing Watercolor Fish, The Vast Wonder of the World, Thread of Love, All the Stars Denied, and A Dog Named Haku.

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